Task Racing Moto Adventure Helmet Light 30-600

  • Task
  • 30-600
  • 2-3 Days
  • $219.95

The Moto Adventure Helmet Light Package includes: -Lightweight billet aluminum housing

-High intensity super bright white 4-LED Design for broad flood and spotlighting good for 50,000 hours of use and 480 Lumens of candlepower!

-All new improved high power Cree branded chip and integrated smart overhear protection technology in our new circuitry, making our lights 20% brighter, more consistent, and more durable. 

-New Task Racing "Channel Mount" helmet mount system-- 4-Way adjustability, and "Break Away" feature. All Polycarbonate Helmet Light mount, with polycarbonate lens, bullet-proof!

-Fully adjustable mount system, allowing up/down/left/right light setting change on the fly while on the trails.

-4+ Hour 8.4V long-lasting rechargeable battery, 2 Helmet mounting tabs (1 Curved and 1 Flat), 2 Helmet snap-lock mounting strips, 5 cord helmet clips, Extension cord (Extra 23"of wire length)

-Plug in battery charger.

-Light Directions packet.

-1 Yr Product warranty on light/ 6 months on batteries. 

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