Skidplate mounted Linkage Guard for KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas/Sherco/Beta 31-017

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-Skid Plate Mounted Linkage Guard

-Mounts to EE Skid Plate Part #s 24-016/X, 24-017/X, 24-078/X, 24-080/X, 24-116/X, 24-163, 24-165, 24-175, 24-401, 24-1019/X, 24-1119/X, 24-1219/X, 24-7018, & 24-900

-31-017 Can also be mounted universally to nearly any skid plate (including non EE Brands)

-Protect the shock linkage from rocks, logs, and other debris.

-Help prevent dirt or mud from packing into the shock linkage helping the longevity of the bearings.

-Made from an ultra-slick flexible plastic, it is strong and flexible but will glide right over debris. 

-All Installation hardware is included 

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