Mini Silver Debris Deflectors with 1-1/8" Tapered Clamp set Renthal FatBar/Neken/Pro Taper 50-4014M

  • $49.95

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-Full Wrap Aluminum Debris Deflector.

-Attaches in the end of the handlebar using taper locks and clamps towards the center of the handlebar creating a full wrap around hands and levers. 

-Mini Debris Deflectors are slightly shorter to help fit smaller bikes. 

-Designed to help Deflect Debris away from hands and levers. 

-Helps protect levers in the event of a crash. 

-Fits Renthal FatBar/ Neken 1-1/8" Bars/ Pro Taper 1-1/8" Bars.

-Sold in Pairs.

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